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On 14/2/2019, together with the investor is the Bandai Namco group and ArtprestoVietnam Co., Ltd. CJSC officially held the groundbreaking ceremony to build Artpresto Vietnam factory in Chau Son, Ha Nam.

The project is invested by Artpresto Vietnam, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Group with the objective of producing the group's packaging products. After completion of Artpresto Vietnam factory will operate with a capacity of nearly 40 million products/year. The project Artpresto Vietnam factory has a total investment of 5 million USD.

Bandai Namco is one of Japan's largest toys, entertainment and video games business group. It was merged from two big players in toys and electronic games, entertainment service is Bandai and Namco in 2005. With a long tradition of development, in 2018 the group continues to plan to expand the field. Investing in countries in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam.

Artpresto Company is a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings, established in 1983. Total revenue in 2018 is about 8 billion yen. In charge of packaging design, product design, business of printing-related products of the group. Artpresto Vietnam will be the first development of Bandai Namco Group to Vietnam market in particular, the foundation of development in Southeast Asia market in general.

                                                                                Artpresto Vietnam factory

With the experience of 16 years in the field of industrial construction, CJSC has cooperated with many investors from sunrise countries such as Kyowa, Bando, Fuji Seiko, Meitoku, Ohashi, Shinjo, Biz ... And Most recently in 2018 CJSC signed a construction investment cooperation agreement with Hinokiya Holding Group which is one of Japan's major corporations in many areas such as housing, real estate, insulation materials, renovation of works, education and nursing, ... With that advantage, CJSC has been chosen by the investor and will trust to implement this project well.

All projects built by CJSC always bring value, quality, meet strict requirements and bring satisfaction to FDI investors. In this project, Japanese standard concrete wall technology developed by CJSC - HINOKIYA joint venture will be officially applied to make the project more perfect and sustainable with time.

                                                   General Director - Nguyen Huu Tinh and the Project Site engineers

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr Urano Masahiro, General Director of Artpresto Vietnam Co., Ltd. said: “When operating, the factory will contribute to perfecting the supply chain of high - quality products for the Japanese and Vietnam markets, creating jobs for hundreds of local workers.”

                                                      Mr Urano spoke at the ceremony

Some photos at the ceremony:



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