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Full name Construction Application and Transfer of Technologies Joint Stock Company
Trading name Construction Application and Transfer of Technologies Joint Stock Company
Abbreviations CJSC
Headquarters Room 411, TOYOTA Building, No. 15 Pham Hung, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
Phone number (+84-24).3.795.7717 Fax: (+84-24).3795.7716
Website cjsc.vn Email: cjsc@cjsc.vn
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Established on January 29, 2003. Over the past 14 years of construction and development, CJSC together with its affiliates has become a big business with the following main functions: Design consultancy; Constructing the general contractor of industrial works. With a team of cadres, engineers, experts and workers are experienced and dedicated, dedicated in the work CJSC today has received many business Through the construction of a series of production facilities in the Industrial Park of FDI in Vietnam and we always meet all the strict requirements, diverse customers are Japanese investors. Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia appreciated.
Not only bring sustainable values, CJSC also develops a clear and transparent orientation policy aimed at creating mutual understanding and understanding among colleagues and members. In systems companies in the CJSC Group.
That is the reason for our continuous development in recent years. In the field of general construction contractor, CJSC with special strength by the synchronous and stable operation from the design - construction - supply of furniture has helped the works, projects we undertake Always ensure the progress and the highest quality. The principle of operation in construction is always persist in building quality management policy in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 standards, closely monitor each phase of implementation with the spirit The highest responsibility to ensure: SAFETY - PROGRESS - QUALITY and minimize the risk from the site to the environment and surrounding communities has made the value of the brand CJSC.
In other fields of the economy such as furniture production, export business investment projects, resorts, restaurants ... member units in the CJSC Group also hold firmly. Traditions and principles work to become pioneers and sustainable development in the market.

CJSC wishes to create a Vietnamese brand, a strength in Vietnam in the field of construction industry with quality and international standards.
For customers: Talking to CJSC is to think of absolute trust in the quality of work and peace of mind in each specific job.
For partners: Cooperation with development is the guideline for all cooperation activities of CJSC with partners, suppliers. Always bring value to partners for sustainable development.
For employees: Build a better, more professional working environment and bring a high quality and fair life to every employee.
For society: Every activity of CJSC is always oriented towards the community, beautify the society and prevent the maximum environmental risks, emissions and construction waste in production and business.

Prestige: Protection of credit for customers, with partners as the protection of each member of CJSC.
Human: The greatest asset. CJSC always attaches great importance to the relationship towards sustainable and human-human relationship.
Discipline: Maintaining discipline in the workplace is the value of creating the image of professionalism and the internal strength of CJSC in the development strategy.
Creation is the source of vitality and the development of CJSC. Creative spirit is always encouraged and maintained in CJSC. We believe that all great successes are derived from the most simple creative ideas.
Culture: CJSC is a culture-based enterprise with rich humanities and community. We work on sincere and open relationships in relationships between colleagues, partners and guests

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A: Room 411 TOYOTA Building, 15 Pham Hung Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

A: Room 108 Saigon Paragon Building, 3 Nguyen Luong Bang, District 7, Ho Chi Minh.

T: (+84) 243.7957.717

F: (+84-4).3795.7716

E: cjsc@cjsc.vn

Hotline: (+84) 983.384.888

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